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You will be given the best care possible at Laura Baez Torres Law PLLC. We truly care about each person that we connect with. We believe everyone has the right to the American Dream, and we want to guide you throughout this process. Call us today to see what we can do to help you!

Family Based Immigration

Whether you've recently married someone outside the U.S. or you have spent your entire life here and recently married a U.S. citizen - we are here to help! Our number one goal is to keep your family TOGETHER.  

Family petitions are based on an established family relationship between a U.S. citizen or Legal Permanent Resident and a qualifying family member. Call us today to see if you qualify to petition for a family member or if they can petition for you. 


We can help with: 

  • Adjustment of Status 

  • 245(i) protections 

  • Family Petitions 

  • Fiancé Petitions 

  • Consular Processing 

  • State-Side Consular Processing

  • I-290B Appeals

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Citizenship and Naturalization

If you are a Legal Permanent Resident you could be eligible to apply for Naturalization.  The benefits to becoming a citizen include voting and even being able to petition for family members to immigrate to the U.S.


Let us be your guide! 

We can help with 

  • Naturalization Application 

  • Naturalization Denial Appeal 

  • Acquired and Derived Citizenship

Deferred Action 

Deferred action is a benefit granted to certain immigrants that protects them from deportation. This protection is granted for one to two years. Contact us today to see if you can qualify for this benefit. ​

We can help with: 

  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals  (DACA) 

  • DACA Renewals 

  • Requests for Evidence (RFE) on these applications

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VAWA/U-Visa, and Waivers 

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was created to give victims of domestic abuse (male or female) the power and safety to report these crimes without jeopardizing their immigration status or process. By filing for a VAWA visa, an immigrant can file charges against an abuser and apply for a green card without their sponsorship. 

Congress created the U-Visa which allows victims of crimes to aid the police in cases against the perpetrator without fear of deportation or removal on account of their immigration status. Call us today to see if the crime you suffered qualifies for protection through a U-Visa.

We also represent clients who require a waiver during their immigration process. 

These waivers include: 

  • I-601

  • I-601A

  • I-212